Missed Sleep and Appetite

Too little sleep can make you eat more

If you need yet another health reason to get enough sleep, here’s one that may wake you up:
Science shows loss of sleep can make you eat more.

Studies have shown that total sleep deprivation can trigger a reward system in our brains in response to food stimuli. But until now, researchers didn’t know if there was a similar relationship between everyday sleep loss and o Researchers looked at volunteers who came to a 9-day study period with a built-up sleep debt. Under optimal sleep conditions, researchers were able to show two things:

That stresses can put the “brain at risk for hyper-activation to food triggers…” And on the flip side…”optimal sleep appears to  reduce this hypersensitivity to food stimuli.”

Another study  brought stress into the mix. Researchers found that when people came home after a hard day at work, they were more likely to eat their feelings if they were sleep deprived. Simply put, if you don’t get enough sleep, unhealthy food choices may look pretty good to your brain.

No matter how you cut it, getting enough zzzzs is not only better for focus but for your waistline too.