Best Fast Food Lunches

Swapping out healthier takeout choices

It’s a challenge to fit in healthier options when you’re trying to squeeze in meals between back-to-back meetings, or shovel down food around carpool pick-ups.

Now, the dietary guidelines offer suggestions that will help you make some small changes that won’t take more of your time… but will rev up the nutrition for your middle meal.

The key is to make changes that work within your lifestyle… that can be as simple as switching out one item for another. Think vinaigrette instead of creamy salad dressings…and grilled proteins instead of those fried tenders.

You can also think ahead and take some perennial lunchtime favorites and modify a speck.

For instance, instead of peanut butter and jelly with a small bag of chips —-flip it for a serving of peanut butter, with a banana and add baby carrots for some crunch. You’ll cut calories by about 45% and slice saturated fat in half.

Love chicken salad on your sandwich? No one says you have to give it up. Next time you have a craving, cut the sandwich in half and replace one half with a side salad… again, a big drop in calories and saturated fats.

You get the idea. You need food that won’t slow you down. You want it to taste good too. But still be balanced. There are simple solutions that will fill you up….And still keep you satisfied. For more ideas, check out